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Sapphires, Rubies or Emeralds for Your Engagement Ring?

Diamonds are forever. And the traditional mindset has been to wear the diamond ring, which lasts forever to represent the ever lasting love in your marriage. Except, that the diamond engagement ring is usually always white. It could be a D, E, F, G or H white, with various levels of clarity and sizes of course.

The other big three precious stones that also last forever will offer you more colour and variety to that engagement ring. And they tend to come in much bigger sizes than diamonds, with more intense colours. A blue sapphire engagement ring, for example can come in shapes of cushion, oval, emerald cut, with different blues to choose from. The most popular is the royal blue variety from Sri Lanka. Some are of a lighter shade, which gives a different character.

One thing is for sure, that blue will stand out when you put in on with your wedding gown.

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